We play the music for people ...

We play the music for people ...
Interview at the occasion of the aword of Czech Chamber Music Society of Czech Philharmonic for Doležal Quartet:
What does it mean for you the prize of CCMS?
It’s one of the most important appreciation which young chamber ensemble can achieve.We perceive this award like confirmation of qualities of our quartet and its succeses.


Which other prize would you like to get – in Czech Republic or abroad?
We play the music for people so the biggest appreciation for us are full concert halls.

What do you plan in next months, what you are looking forward to?
We will give a concert at St Lawrence’s season of Prague Spring and then one other concert in Rudolfinum for CCMS where we will get the mentioned award. In spring we will play concerts in France in our tour abroad.Also we are looking forward to tutorial with maestro Günther Pichler (Alban Berg Quartet).


Do you establish like quartet some „musical objectives“?
Each new studied composition is a new goal for us.Constantly we complete our repertoire and we try to offer still new and unusual program.

Who has the last word in your quartet when you don’t agree?
We never make any decision to take the risk that one of us will feel unheard.All four us are  behind everything because without identify ourselves in our conception we couldn’t convince the public.


Do you have some „quartet ideal“ or you want to go your own way?
Each of us has his own ideals. From each quartet we try to take what is the most inspirational.But still we want to go our own interpretation way with taking into account the period and tradition – interpretative context, of course.