Doležal Quartet

One of the oldest tradition representatives in Czech Republic.

Prize-winners of The Award of Czech Chamber Music Society of Czech Philharmonic


Václav Dvořák – housle

Jan Zrostlík – housle

Martin Adamovič – viola

Vojtěch Urban – violoncello


Founded in 1972 by violist Karel Doležal, later in 2003 professor Doležal invited young experienced players to take up the quartet. Inauguration concert (April 2005) was part of the Prague Symphony Orchestra Chamber Series.

Nowadays the ensemble is performing in following cast: Václav Dvořák and Ondřej Pustějovský (violin), Martin Adamovič (viola), and Vojtěch Urban (violoncello). Doležal Quartet was working under supervision of Prof. Milan Škampa (Smetana Quartet), Prof. Václav Bernášek, Prof. Jiří Panocha and also with tuition of Prof. Eberhart Feltz in Berlin. They have built especially close relationship with Natalia Prishepenko.

The Doležal Quartet successfully represented the Czech Republic at an international quartet competition in Osaka. In October 2009 the quartet gained the third prize in the Max Reger Competition in Germany with the right of performances in Italy. In 2010 they got second prize in Janáček Competition in Brno. The quartet has recorded for the Czech Television as well as for the Czech Radio, for example the world premiere recordings of Quartet in B Major by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst or of 4th String Quartet of Ivan Kurz which was dedicated to this ensemble.

Ensemble could be heard not only in concerts in the Czech Republic, but also in Poland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, France and Japan. Their concert in Berlin was broadcasted. In June 2014 their recording of Leoš Janáček´s String Quartet No. 1 was broadcasted in the Radio France. In 2012 they were touring with Brigitte Farner (piano) and in 2013 with Maximilian Hornung (violoncello). One of their concerts which was a bonus concert of the Czech Philharmonics was booked out a half year before allready.

Since 2013 Doležal Quartet participates at professional training programme organised by the french assosiation ProQuartet-CEMC where they met among others with Günter Pichler. Moreover they were invited to play at Quartetissimo festival in Hungary in 2013 where they met with top young quartets. In 2014 they were supported by a french assosiation "Les Amis de ProQuartet".

In 2014 a CD of chamber music has been recorded in Berlin with a young talented clarinetist Blaž Šparovec.

Their most recent succes is The Award of Czech Chamber Music Society of Czech Philharmonic from february 2016 which is understood like an appreciation for excellent interpretations and results from international competitions.




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