Program Tips

1. Recitals

Music at the French Court

J.Duphly, L.N.Clérambaulte, J.H.D´Anglebert, La Guerre

Baroque Vienna

A.Poglietti, G.Muffat, J.J.Froberger, J.A.Steffan


2. Chamber-music

a) Concerto con flauto (together with recordist Julie Braná)

Evening with J.S.Bach

sonatas for recorders

„Concerti Italiani“

 A.Berardi, D.Castello, T.Merula, Salvatore, Selma e Salaverde, G.Frescobaldi

b) Harpsichord duo (Edita Keglerová and Giedré Lukšaité Mrzková / Iva Štrynclová)

Evening with Baroque masters

J.S.Bach, F.Couperin, C.Ph.E.Bach, A.Soler


c) another chamber music

Royal concertos

together with: Julie Braná – recorders, flute; Petr Wagner – viola da gamba

J.Ph.Rameau, J.B. de Boismortier, Fr.Couperin

J. A. Benda: Harpsichord Concertos

Edita Keglerová and Hipocondria /Barocco sempre giovanne ensemble in the world unique project

J. A. Benda: Compilation of piano and vocal compositions for experienced and unexperienced players

together with: Ivana Bilej Brouková - soprano

Pieces for keyboard instrument are accompanied with very melodical songs by this author

Piéces de clavecin en concert

together with: Julie Braná – recorders; Petr Wagner – viola da gamba

Entire performance of harpsichord concertos by J. Ph. Rameau

Celebration of C.Ph.E.Bach

together with: Jan Ostrý – recorder; Libor Mašek – violoncello

J.S.Bach, Frederick II The Great, C.Ph.E.Bach,  J.A.Benda 


3. Music and Poetry

The Sorrow of Young Werther

together with: Tomáš Pavelka – recitation; Ivana Bilej Brouková – soprano

Reading from epistolary novel „The Sorrow of Young Werther“ by  J.W. von Goethe, with the music by Goethe’s contemporaries (W.A.Mozart, J.A.Benda, J.A.Steffan, K.F.Zelter)


4. Music and Dance

Dance meeting with Madame Pompadour

together with:       Julie Braná – recorders

Hartig – dance ensemble

Doc. Helena Kohárová, Ph.D. – choreografy and dance reconstruction

Music and dance of the French Court of the Ludwig XV. epoch

(J. B.Lully, A.Campra, J.Dieupart, L.Couperin, A.Danican Phillidor, J.B.Boismortier)


b) Harpsichord duo (Edita Keglerová and Giedré Lukšaité Mrzková / Iva Štrynclová)